"The parts of the mystery of our own existence. Tracing the changes occurring around and reflected in human souls." As a little boy I dreamed of good spirits and fairies – I was intrigued by this mystical world! And so this dream accompanied my life… When I felt my soul again, after a long, terrible crisis 2012, I knew very quickly with this message deal. I was aware that puts a special soul in some, few people! And this I felt again and again. So this new vision had to include these topics: “Ghosts, Fays & Souls” - I always start with this debilitating feeling. There is a desire, partly a painfully strong desire that is born out of my depth! It’s really hard to describe with words what drives me to take the camera and start a new project. There is no motivation necessary, it's the pure passion, if the appropriate moment has arrived. It’s all about this moment, when my emotions are ready and my soul opens up entirely. UNDER THE LINE: My black-and-white fine art portraits show the feeling of being other-worldliness, lost, beautiful and melancholy in women’s faces in one, abstracting, almost in picturesque way, which the pictures make at the same time modern and timeless. So I want to show you the fragility of the femininity & the incredible miracle that lies behind it & I want to touch you with that insights at the same moment for this!