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•  RINSE Magazine: Ghosts and Fays — Interview with Peter Allert
A story, a fairy tall, a vision for whole life…“



The project “Ghosts and Fays” celebrates the theme of a wonderful dream, which Peter had during his childhood.

“I have never forgotten it… a wonderful and warm power, out of my soul is telling me every day,
what I have to feel, see and smell, that in my own little world with my emotions!”

More of that story you will find here:   https://medium.com/stories-behind-photography/rinse-focus-ghosts-and-fays-interview-with-peter-allert-e7865a2ac873


  Stories | Beyond the Click in STARK Magazine!

Beyond the Click  “The Pain of Life…” Photography by Peter Allert ©

An Interview by  „Jason Lowry“, founder of „STARK Magazine“


The Pain of Life

The Pain of Life

„A dream for more tolerance, against all violence and no more racism around us…  A dream without Pain of Life…“

READ MORE: Unfortunately, this gallery was closed


  ALL-ABOUT-PHOTO.COM is the wonderful directory and portal service dedicated to providing easy access to as many photographic resources as possible in the United States!

All about photo

is driven by a passion for photography.
All About Photo is above all a resource for photographers and photography lovers. We seek to present exceptional work and meaningful resources.

All about photo

is a resource for inspiration and talent seekers!

Moonshine Love...

Moonshine Love…

All about photo

is a showcase platform for artists! The lexicon grows every day and is here to help you find or discover a photographer. We have carefully selected each master, modern and emerging photographer with an eye toward beauty, artistic significance and timeless quality. This database is in constant evolution, guided by the impulse of the moment and our latest discoveries.

Eyes Wide Shut...

Eyes Wide Shut…

My publications and my first interview in ALL-ABOUT-PHOTO.COM!


spirit of black eyes

spirit of black eyes

These last three works are a short selection of my portfolio in All about photo…

All about Peter Allert:  http://www.all-about-photo.com/photographer.php?name=Peter%20Allert&id=388


  Best Of Photography, a great way to find the best photographers!

Best of photography is a directory where you can discover the work of amazing fine art photographers.


Listed by names, you can easily find the photographers you are looking for. Whether photojournalists, fashion photographers, street photographers or just working on personal projects, the photographers that are listed here have all one thing in common: they are the best there is in fine art photography.

Dreamland of Soul

Dreamland of Soul

Best of photography was created with the idea to help photographers show there work and photography lovers to discover the portfolios of amazing artists.

Ghost Eyes of a Soul

Ghost Eyes of a Soul

What a great appreciation, that I am a part with my works in that great selection of artists! Here you will find my portfolio:  http://www.best-of-photography.com/photographer.php?id=388&name=Peter%20Allert


 •  —photolicioux

A collection of the worldwide most famous photographers.
1001 Famous Portraits, 1001 Fashion Photos! You Should See before You Die 

„The camera is a fluid way of encountering that other reality“    Jerry N. Uelsmann

The Touch of Time

The Touch of Time

What a honor for me! I was selected to be a part in this gallery along with the best photographers in the world. Here you will find the full publication:  http://photolicioux.wordpress.com/tag/peter-allert/


•  Words Social Forum – Centro Sociale dell’Arte

Words Social Forum is a social centre of art, not a place where the preparation is free, without any obligation to publish themes, times and choices. This blog should not be considered news organization, was founded for freedom of expression and creativity.

ws 1.3. f

My first longer interview in the magazine „WSF Art’s“ by Chief – Editor Antonella Taravella (Italia)!

artefact of soul

artefact of soul

„My works are only good for all my sphere, for all my life! My pictures help me my soul to preserve and protect them. My photos create contacts with other wonderful people! My works are like a wondrous filter .. I learn about my pictures exclusively only know the correct and sensitive people, those who can feel my works .. because by comprehension it is not there…“

This interview is available in Italian and English translation: http://wordsocialforum.com/2014/03/28/peter-allert-la-riscoperta-dell-anima-con-la-fotografia/


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