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I hope you like it and you will enjoy… It’s All About Love!
Spirit of Black Eyes

Spirit of Black Eyes

The Pain of Life

The Pain of Life



This images shall be a symbol against all the superficiality and violence in our modern life, for thinking about our deepness and our humanity which may be in our souls… 

The spirit in mind…


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Lost Words of a  Dream

Lost Words of a Dream









Dark Stream

Dark Stream













Lost words, unspoken and forgotten! But they are still reflecting into our souls… The parts of the mystery and the truth of our own existence.

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psychedelic sight. NEW1.2. 450px.72

Psychedelic Sight













 All my works shall confess clear, to the most important point of our all life – to conclude peace on every place at our planet and save our surrounding world! 

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Eyes Wide Shut...

Eyes Wide Shut…

Vision of a Fay

Vision of a Fay





















We are all naked… in front of our own reverence In Pain!

We all have to see, what our own reality signifies, our dark side in us and our deepest, ousted secrets and lies behind our faces… Behind our wide shut eyes…

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... I saw her soul

… I saw her soul













All arts are the products of the unseen and the unknown.

They are the parts of the mystery of our own existence. – It’s all about love!
Tracing the changes occurring around and reflected in human souls… A symbolism little world of emotions out of soul as reflection into my works…

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Flying away in Pain...

Flying away in Pain…

After I Lost  Myself...

After I Lost Myself…

























The end of the feeling of our souls. The end of feeling of our spirits. And the end of standing free… the end of life of our heart… without any love!

All works are the result of the reflection of a painful and liberating walk through the soul…


Blue Moon...

Blue Moon…


Last Pain of a Silent Cry

Last Pain of a Silent Cry




















The life reflects only the traces… In pain of the reverence and in reverence of love in front of us! The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference or apathy…



Ghost Eyes of a Soul

Ghost Eyes of a Soul













The female spirit is the meaning of LIFE! 

This work shall be a sign too against all violence toward women, everywhere around us… It must be reality that all women receive the same rights like men and so it’s intolerable to see, which iniquity happens to females in every country of our planet at this time!

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Behind my Life Line

Behind my Life Line

Talk to My Soul

Talk to My Soul

I always start with this debilitating feeling. There is a desire … partly a painfully strong desire that is born out of my depth, out of myself. It’s really hard to describe with words what drives me to take the camera and start a new project…

There is no motivation necessary because it is the pure passion, if the appropriate moment has arrived… It’s all about this moment, when my emotions are ready and my soul opens up entirely!

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Moment of Mourning

Moment of Mourning










Moon Shadow Soul

Moon Shadow Soul













Hope in this time!

Hope for more humanity around us and against racism and intolerance, especially violence against women! These works shall be also a symbol for that, without all accusations and only through the thinking about the wonderful humans and souls around us…

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Even the darkness has arms…

In commemorating of more than 8 million killed people and their souls during the Nazi era! We have to learn certain deeds never to forget all of us.

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Reverence In Pain

Reverence In Pain

Hope and Soul...

Hope and Soul…

Everywhere and Nowhere!

A kind of sequel against all these superficiality and ignorance around us… We have to learn what it means to be humble, to live in reverence in front the Miraculous

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Life Without You...

Life Without You…

Catch me in my dreams!

Catch me in my dreams!

Never give up your dreams …

Art can be your own revolution and so life will reflecting only the shades of your mystery!

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…she is disappeared

…she is disappeared

They have done nothing to find out their own secrets and little miracles in their souls and to live!

There was no trace for an evolution into the right way into them…
And so there will be no hope for them, even when they are in the right way related to that surrounding societies…
The lost ghosts of their own existence… are finally left over and their dreams are lost forever..

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We Have To Build Our Paradise...

We Have To Build Our Paradise…



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