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Professional Photographer (self-educator) since 1989. Since 2012 his photography actually is artistic. His works now are altogether advanced elaborations.       

Location: Germany / Hamburg

My work shall confess clear, to the most important point of all our life, to conclude peace on every place at our planet and save our surrounding world! A dream for more tolerance and more love for each other, but also for more respect in regard to the nature…

And a dream for the equal rights of all women around the world and no racism!

Art is the only incorruptible weapon against war, violence, greed, inequality and so the inhumanity! We as artists have the great responsibility, to manifest this background about our work and to carry!


All arts are the products of the unseen and the unknown. They are the parts of the mystery of our own existence. All emotions out of me, which based on psychological sources, my heart and my soul!

As person for inspiration with great distance to all the other great artists, are Edward Steichen, Robert Mapplethorpe and Paolo Roversi .
So emotional portraits are my favorites to photograph.

Tracing the changes occurring around and reflected in human souls… Following the atmosphere of mysterious. Hunting the path of elemental forces.
Always in search of the subtle atmosphere of the real world to capture…“

Themes like emotional and critical photography, surrealism, magic and dark art are important for me. A symbolism little world of emotions out of my soul as reflection into my work!

The parts of the mystery of our own existence.
All works are the result of the reflection of a painful and liberating walk through my soul…

All the strength and joy from now on to draw on myself, and this is my life remains long my GOAL!
No more superficial external influences, not constrained by the so-called time spirit or even by some mainstream. … I work hard every day, that it doesn’t will happen. My freedom and my ART is the meaning of my life!

When I think of art I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye, it is in the mind. In our minds there is awareness of perfection…





Bio & Motivations:

Hope in this time! Hope for more humanity around us and against racism and intolerance, especially violence against women! These works shall be also a symbol for that, without all accusations and only through the thinking about the wonderful humans and souls around us…

My black-and-white & tinted fine art portraits show the feeling of being other-worldliness, lost, beautiful and melancholy in women’s faces in one, abstracting, almost in picturesque way, which the pictures make at the same time modern and timeless. So I want to show you the fragility of the femininity & the incredible miracle that lies behind it & I want to touch you with that insights at the same moment for this!

As a little boy I dreamed of good spirits and fairies – I was intrigued by this mystical world! And so this dream accompanied my life … When I felt my soul again, after a long, terrible crisis in September 2012, I knew very quickly with this message to deal. I was aware that puts a special soul in some, few people! And this I felt ever again and again. So this new photography had to include this topic.

“Ghosts & Fays” and “Souls”! I always start with this debilitating feeling! There is a desire … partly a painfully strong desire that is born out of my depth, out of myself! It’s really hard to describe with words what drives me to take the camera and start a new project! – There is no motivation necessary because it is the pure passion, when the appropriate moment has arrived! It’s all about that moment, when my emotions are ready and my soul opens up entirely!  „It is all about LOVE…“

Reflections are only the traces of my own existence… In pain of the reverence and in reverence of love in front of us… A kind of sequel against all these superficiality and ignorance around us…






The German Artist and Photographer Peter Allert has made his studies of Biology-Chemistry, Technical and Scientific-Photography at the Munich Technical University and the Ludwig – Maximilian’s – University Munich.
He was firstly a scientist photographer before becoming passion for art and advertising  photography, and created in partnership in Munich the Allert & Hoess Photography company in 1989. After setting up its own studio in 1991 and establishing its own light, lab and print facilities, the company made its breakthrough in 1992 with a photo series for the portfolio „Joop! – women’s shoes“.

At 1998 he got the greatest appreciation, namely the Subscription and Membership of the BFF (Association of Freelance Photo Designer) in Germany, as well as reports by BFF confirmed artist status to § 18 paragraph 1 no. 1 EStG

Among his clients count major manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW, BMW, Ford, Philip Morris, McDonalds, Ballantines, Wrigley, Veltins, Wella, Miele, Bosch, Dresdner Bank, Deutsche Bahn AG, Siemens, Logitech, MAN, Microsoft, Greenpeace and other customers.

My advertising photography:    (since 2008 not further updated)

Since 2012 his photography actually is artistic. His works now are altogether advanced elaborations.


His technique in photography in general, which he has developed and further developed:

For the art part, his technique of creation is quite complex : He takes its motives under different types of exhibitions with lighting (DEDO Lights) that he fix for each angle and adds various configurations and he is working with multiple exposures and long exposure. He loves the available light, which he usually only supplemented, but not infrequently used as the main light.
Peter Allert’s technical photograph is very studied, mixture of poetry and expression of the soul of the human, the light, the colors, the angle of view, the game blur, and the (extended) exposure time, all are working together to bring out the emotions.

Choosing special film materials for exposing how Polagraph and Polachrome (POLAROID), but other otherwise rarely usedBLACK & WHITE’ films, give it’s Analogue Photography a touch of haunting and unforgotten which leaves its traces in the soul of the viewer!

So most of his works has been realized with analog photography. After the pictures were in the lab was lying exposed on photo paper and elaborated here. Often it also old method of use … such example came ‚Bromoil printing‘.
Finally, the exhibits were scanned with high resolution and refined. Important in this a sophisticated and special digital workflow is to get the analog and original character from the early days of photography.


For concrete and further questions, feel free to contact me via email:

My whole INTERVIEW as VIDEO in the Art and Creative TV Station from Hamburg, “Tiede TV”, about my life, my work and myself:


Professional Photographer (self-educator) since 1989 and a member of the BFF in Germany since 1998. Working especially as an artist since September 2012.


High School / A level / High School completion


Biology / Chemistry (Ludwig – Maximilian’s – University Munich)

Technical and Scientific – Photography (Technical University Munich)


Never give up your dreams … Art can be your own revolution and so the life will reflecting the shades of your own mystery a special and haunting world!

BLUE dark

BLUE dark


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© Peter Allert* 2015. All rights reserved. My pictures can’t be reproduced without my written permission!

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  1. Verena Brancato
    Verena Brancato · Dezember 5, 2017 at 13:50:37 ·

    Hallo Peter… ich weiß nicht ob du dich noch an mich erinnerst…. ich bin die Verena… ich habe bei der Von Mannstein WA als Praktikantin gearbeitet und dir mal als Assistentin bei dem Shooting in der Stahgießerei Rothensee assistiert. Ist schon etwas länger her… hihi … so etwa 25 Jahre her. Wollte mich mal melden. Dank Internet findet man ja fast alle. Damals war dein Studio noch ganz neu.
    Jetzt heiße ich Verena Brancato (früher Verena Stocker). War lange im Ausland und bin jetzt wieder in München und auf der Suche nach „alten“ Kollegen und Bekannten.
    Vielleicht trifft man sich ja mal. Hast du noch Kontakt zu Herbert Lenzner und Sabine Heck?
    Freut mich das du eine erfolgreiche Karriere hast.
    Alles Gute und frohe Feste.
    L.G. Verena

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