All important INFORMATIONS relating to my „PRINT SERVICES“ regarding all my ART works and my SERVICES for „Portrait Photography“ for everybody!

All emotions out of me, which based on psychological sources, my heart and my soul!

... talk to my soul

… talk to my soul

In short for all ‚Art-Collectors’…

My PRINT SERVICES & Sizes regarding my ‚Limited Editions‘:

One print starting with €249.- as „limited edition“ of 20 prints in SIZE of 35x35cm!

Also available on the long side in size from  50cm  to  100cm in strictly limited 4 edition sizes:

35/35 cm – edition of 20     / €395.-
50/50 cm – edition of 10     / €495.-
70/70 cm – edition of 7       / €795.-
100/100 cm – edition of 5  / €1695.-

For corresponding cross formats the same rates apply. In some cases and in certain artworks the rates may differ from the indicated shown above!

All works are be signed and labeled with date and corresponding edition number.
Printed on „Hahnemühle German Etching“ 310g museum quality fine art-paper.

Professional calibration for best print results powered by the state of the art CS 2730 – EIZO monitor since October 2017…

That means: My works that I see as an artist, you will get at your valuable, original print exactly and this also means the highest form of authenticity in terms of my artistic work for all collectors & all other persons interested!


Color Management & Calibration powered by EIZO!


All my Photography is powered by LEICA!


All important data of the prints are also in a legally binding‘ ARTCertificate listed and handed over with my signature!














Please notice, that not for all works the full number of editions will be available, because some of them already are sold!

In an elaborate print Examination I have tested all the top-class fine art papers and the best pigment inks (with archive Guarantee) with a selection of my best work … The factors such as the depth of the printing, the implementation of the subtle nuances of my work and the overall impression of the printing in relation to the most special and pastel shades were the focus of my test.
Added to this was the wonderful fine but pronounced structure of handmade paper.
If you are holding such a print of my work in your hands, then you will immediately understand what I mean … To see my pictures in this way, touched me again and again very emotional!. “Hahnemuhle German Etching „310g fine art paper has been made exactly for my kind of photography...

His technique in photography in general, which he has developed and further developed:

For the art part, Peter’s technique of creation is quite complex : He takes its motives under different types of exhibitions with lighting (DEDO Lights) that he fix for each angle and adds various configurations and he is working with multiple exposures and long exposure. He loves the available light, which he usually only supplemented, but not infrequently used as the main light.
Peter Allert’s technical photograph is very studied too… a mixture of poetry and expression of the soul of the human, the light, the colors, the angle of view, the game blur, and the (extended) exposure time, all are working together to bring out the emotions.

Choosing special film materials for exposing how Polagraph and Polachrome (POLAROID), but other otherwise rarely usedBLACK & WHITE’ films, give its Analogue Photography a touch of haunting and unforgotten which leaves its traces in the soul of the viewer.

So most of my work has been realized with analog photography. After the pictures were in the lab was lying exposed on photo paper and elaborated here. Often it also old method of use … such example came ‚Bromoil printing‘.
Finally, the exhibits were scanned with high resolution and refined. Important in this a sophisticated and special digital workflow is to get the analog and original character from the early days of photography.

For concrete and further questions, feel free to contact me via email:


The official purchase of my artworks in ‘SAATCHI ART’!

All works are be signed and labeled with date and corresponding edition number. Printed on “Hahnemühle German Etching” 310g museum quality fine art-paper and the best pigment inks (with archive Guarantee):

The official purchase of my artworks in ‘Art Finder’ London!

All works are be signed and labeled with date and corresponding edition number. Printed on “Hahnemühle German Etching” 310g museum quality fine art-paper and the best pigment inks (with archive Guarantee):


... saw her soul

… saw her soul

„Every girl and every woman is a fairy, a princess and a small or big star and maybe a special fame…“
Art in Hamburg from a whole new perspective! The Hamburg-based photographer and photographic artist PETER ALLERT the first time offers a unique service to all art lovers and enthusiasts who feel the need for a special and artistic portrait!
There are so many special days in the life of a woman, a girl … like birthdays, or other memorable occasions … as the most important day in a woman’s life, the day of her wedding!
A wonderful wedding portrait with the splendor of a sensitive art photos, full of femininity, depth, and the radiant character of this subtle face with the charm of the inscrutable and mysterious femininity!
Hello dear friends and female art lovers,
this site for me has a great importance in the future because I want to offer some special services for all of you, the very first time in this kind… if you will be interested! These will be extended and supplemented, so that my offer is continuously grow on for you again and again.
Generally I want my images represent unique items, which are expected to contribute in an artistic way to the modern image of women in this day and age to another, even to show a new way …
their sensitivity and their female sphere like about my work give a special Face with the women and this should be set individually to those sensations which I have received in my work each from the soul of the female sphere of this human!
Moment of Mourning

Moment of Mourning

The main areas of my artistic range of services I would like to run you below. On this page you can select what you wish for and what I can do for you in this regard…
1. Would anyone of you an exceptional and artistic portrait by itself, with a magical and fairy effect? As you can see beautiful in my photos, I have specialized in every girl and every woman to be able to do something very beautiful! About my skills in photography, I am able to create an unforgettable ART portrait of each character.
Each female face can get a mystical and magical expression through my pictures and so will be an unforgettable and unique vision of a fay!
2. Or you would like several photos in a series of photographs… or for example, a beautiful photo book, filled with fairy tale and magical portraits only of you?
Upon request, I could imagine corresponding offers in all price ranges, including with regard to the prices of my portraits! So please feel free to call me or send me an email … or simply contact me on Facebook via private message – I will be happy to advise you.
Finally you will also find all the important art photo galleries, in which I am present with my award-winning work. Also, all contact INFORMATION I have listed there for you!
3. If you are interested in my here shown multiple distinguished photographs, I offer an excellent PRINT- service for art lovers and collectors. This service provides on demand limited editions printed on „Hahnemühle FineArt paper“ in best quality  of 25 cm side length up to 100 cm on a side … or even prints on a cheaper paper… maybe a wonderful gift idea!
Everything else I’ll be happy to explain in detail in a telephone call or in writing upon request.
All works are starting with limited editions of 20 prints in size of 35cm at the long side and all are be signed and labeled with date and corresponding edition number.
All important data of the prints are also in a legally binding‘ ART certificate listed and handed over with my signature!
Peter Allert - Selftportrait

Peter Allert – Selftportrait

If you are interested, please drop me a message below in the provided field, or via Facebook or an EMAIL (
Or you can call me on land line  0049 40/25331893 – shouldn’t I be at home, so please leave me a message on the answering machine.
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